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App Cloud Healthcare

Cloud for Healthcare

Cloud computing offers significant benefits to the healthcare sector. Doctor clinics and hospitals require quick access to computing and large storage facilities. These are not provided in traditional settings. Cloud for Healthcare offers the industry multiple benefits, including security, cost savings, mobility and scalability, which will impact the health practice and its patients. 

RapidScale's Cloud for Healthcare offers advanced computing power in the cloud.

Cloud Healthcare Applications

We understand that the number one concern of a healthcare provider is patients' health. So why not solidify that fact by using technological tools that can help address this priority? Cloud applications for healthcare are the direction the industry is moving, and that's a good thing! This is a cost-effective tool to access standard and advanced healthcare functionality that will enhance your performance as a provider. The applications and healthcare cloud services we provide are specifically designed by experts in your field.

It can be a bit daunting to switch to new technology, as security and privacy surrounding patient data are extremely important. However, that's not an issue in the cloud. Cloud solutions can meet the needs of both large and small healthcare providers. They offer compliance with industry regulations, like HIPAA. They also ensure that data is securely backed up, can be quickly recovered, and uses permission-based access. A provider like RapidScale also provides around-the-clock monitoring and support. All of these characteristics are ideal for an industry in which reliability, security and service can truly make the difference. 

The ability to be mobile is a cloud benefit that many healthcare professionals are already taking advantage of today, especially with the rise of wearable technology and the Internet of Things. Doctors are always on the clock. They often have to review patient records or complete research outside of the office, and cloud healthcare applications make this possible. This information is accessible to authorized users on any Internet-capable device, in any location. So if a doctor is ready to get out of the office, but still has some work to do, that's okay! They can pull up whatever they need from home, while staying in touch with patients or colleagues. 

Healthcare is an industry in which it's necessary and important to keep records for years and years. Patient data just continues to grow, so it's important to have a solution that can grow with it. Cloud computing is extremely scalable, in contrast to on-site, traditional infrastructure. Cloud healthcare applications can scale according to your practice's needs, so you won't have on-site infrastructure that is overwhelmed by massive amounts of data. Cloud computing can and will handle it.

And of course, as with all businesses, price matters too. Cloud apps for healthcare can actually reduce costs, and ultimately, both the organization and its patients can save. For example, with the ability to share patient data among different providers, patients won't have to pay for the same test twice or worry about results being lost. Similarly, the organization won't have to worry about conducting a repetitive test. Additionally, healthcare organizations will no longer deal with infrastructure or its management, including installation, personnel, maintenance and more, because a cloud provider like RapidScale deals with that. Software also receives automatic updates, so you're not paying for out-of-date programs. 

There are dozens of cloud healthcare applications out there - it's all about finding the perfect ones for your practice. By getting in contact with our cloud experts, together we can explore the options and decide on your best fit. And if you're not quite ready to make the move, but simply want to learn more, we'd love to hear from you! We can discuss the benefits of healthcare applications in the cloud, and how they can effectively work for your organization.

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